ARRK|Case Study – Fuji Smart Wing

Case Study - Fuji Smart Wing

The need for automation is increasing every day with the shrinking of the working population. Fuji makes robots that perform the simple tasks that operators used to do, and now people are able to focus on more complex and advanced work. These robots that Fuji has developed are also able to adapt to the mass customization that is expected in todays’ industry 4.0.
ARRK|Case Study – Fuji Smart Wing

Customer Request

Develop a compact multi-joint robot as a new business by Fuji Corporation, Ltd. The customer identified that metal cover is a disadvantage when comparing to other companies and asked ARRK to newly design and develop the outer case with the plastics in order to improve attractiveness of the products.
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ARRK's solution

ARRK supported outer case design and prototype model of compact multi-joint robot “SmartWing” for Fuji Corporation, Ltd.
The outer cover has been redesigned to function as a cable guide. In addition, to show the lightness of the product, the area covered by outer case is minimized and the mechanical structure is partially exposed in the design.
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ARRK|Case Study – Fuji Smart Wing
ARRK|Case Study – Fuji Smart Wing

Project outcome

The name “SmartWing” is a perfect match for the design. The customer is satisfied with the speedy response of ARRK.
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