There are several ways to finish plastic parts, such as painting or coating them with clear lacquer or enamel. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Which method should you choose?

Plastic parts are widely used in automotive manufacturing, electronics, construction, medical devices, and other industries. There is a variety of finishing options available, including painting, coating, and powder coating. Each has its unique benefits and drawbacks.

Paint finishes are usually durable and long-lasting, but they tend to be expensive. Coatings aren’t cheap either, but they offer better protection against corrosion and UV damage. Powder coatings offer excellent durability and resistance to scratches, but they may crack over time.

Finishing options include many different processes that can be done either manually or automatically. The most common techniques used today are sandblasting, buffing, polishing, and heat treatment. There are also options like chemical etching, plasma coating, flame spraying, laser engraving, and electroplating. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the application.

Wide variety of finishes and colors to choose from 

Among the capabilities that are available with ARRK Asia can be colored or tinted to various color options matching PMS Pantone, RAL, or even match color samples provided by your team. In addition, parts can have a smooth finish, high polish, or textured finish. 


Our manufacturing team has a wide range of additional finishing options we provide, depending on what is needed for the project:

  • Logo and Graphics Application
  • Spray Painting Texture
  • Electroforming Plate
  • Gold Color
  • Spin Line
  • Sputtering
  • Vacuum Metalize

We understand every project aims to stand out from your competitors. Therefore, altering the surface characteristics of a prototype in order to achieve a certain characteristic, including flaw removal, is part of what is offered by our experts. Everything from color matching to painting, dyeing, metalizing, plated, and beyond for both aesthetic purposes and functional needs.

Specialized surface treatments: Optical, Lightning, and Laser Technology

Machining the product, providing its needed finishing and assembling is part of the end-to-end process provided by ARRK Asia’s team, including the specialized surface treatment such as for obtaining exquisite lighting prototypes is a possibility. Also, our team can provide optimization in optical design achieved through incremental changes on physical models in stages, and include the necessary characteristics for products with advanced laser technology for optimal usability.

We understand well the ever-changing market demands and how that impacts your business. Maintain high quality in your products by having us as your manufacturing partner. ARRK Asia is capable of working with you throughout the entire process to ensure that we meet your product needs, your production lead time goals, and your budget.

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