Every company wants to create a unique brand image and develop a solid customer base. But, no matter the challenges, ARRK can assist companies in improving their design and time of delivery by using 3D printing technology.

Our team is capable of producing functional prototypes for your future designs. The new trends include adding exciting features to current products with completely new ones, but fitting your existing mold could be part of the challenge. So, what features should your company improve in the motorcycle design model process?


At ARRK, our methods allow us to test ideas before investing too much time and resources into finalizing your project, making everything possible to have your motorcycle design model approved within your budget and specifications.

To improve your motorcycle design model and its turnaround, ARRK’s design and engineering experts create an effective lean manufacturing process, reducing waste within systems while increasing productivity. Here are the following points of how our team continues to achieve successful results in every project.


1. Materials
Our team can help with the most commonly used materials in the motorcycle industry and choose what is best for the desired outcome of your project, including:

  • Acrylic
  • ABS
  • PC
  • PC+ABS
  • Silicone Rubber
  • PU Rubber
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

2. Taking engineers’ knowledge into consideration
We take your design idea into clay models and build an End-to-End experience, accomplishing high-quality components or machines. Constant communication until approval is one of our goals before manufacturing your final design or prototype.

3. Always testing, testing, and more testing
Before production, ARRK takes the time to test out your components. By testing individual pieces, we’ll learn what you need to improve upon, or your in-house manufacturing can spend less time on tests.

Like any other industry, manufacturing involves risks, costs, and delays. However, the benefits of having a team of experts who can improve your process and the product’s final version are priceless.

Safety is always something to keep in mind when building anything. Our design team is capable of building lightning prototypes and electricity systems. Everything is designed to be in the best location to lower hazards, improve manufacturing, and enhance functionality.


For each client, we are capable of creating design models from scratch, including assisting with concept designs for industries such as medical, robotics, and aesthetics. In addition, we offer both design services and low-volume manufacturing, which includes injection molding and tooling, making it easier when you’re ready to mass produce your motorcycle.

The initial phase of designing a product to meet specific requirements needs a high level of skill, knowledge, and experience. Our design team can help with the following motorcycle components:

Front Fender 
Front Fender Rear
Head Light Back Cover
Head Light Top Cover
Fork Cover
Fork Cover Garnish
Fork Slide Guide
Fork Back Cover
Tank Front Cover
Key Cylinder Cover
Charger Lid
Charger Inner Cover (with Gasket)
Main Body
Cover Foot Step
Battery Lid Outer
Battery Lid Inner
Battery Cradle Cover
Front Inner Cover
Side Under Cover 1
Side Under Cover 2
Battery Lid Under Cover
Bottom Cover
Rider Seat
Pillion Seat
Seat Lock
Seat Under Cover
Rear Cowl
Tail Cover
Grab Rail
Rear Fender Upper
Rear Fender Lower
Number Plate Stay
Tail Under Cover
Pillion Step Holder
Inner Hugger Fender
Reflector Back
Head Light
Tail Light
Display Unit
Front Winker
Rear Winker
License Lamp
Stay Pillion Step
Stay Side Stand


As technology changes, so do the way we think about our means of transportation. Today, thanks to advances in both technology and design, motorcycles have become a tool to help us achieve more than just getting from point A to point B. Don’t stay behind the market changes and get a satisfactory design outcome with ARRK.

We’re experts in creating design models thanks to our integration of lighting design, finishing options, and mechanical functionality. We have worked with many brands, so we count on the necessary experience for your project. Contact us now and make your next motorcycle design model a reality.

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