Aesthetic Automobile design features are a substantial part of the success of capturing the attention of your market. Here in ARRK Asia, we have the design and development experience to help your project come to life, either in the prototyping phase or the production stage.

From Prototyping solutions with urethane casting in Thailand or 3D printing to Low Volume Production in Singapore with tooling or die casting. Let’s improve the aesthetic features of your vehicle styling.

Increase the chance of commercial success

Working with experienced people in the automobile industry provides a lower financial risk, not only because they have already done work with other companies, but due to the understanding of their strengths and boundaries in the entire process of product development.

Talking to you will allow our experts to find the best course of action towards making your idea a reality, keeping your design as you wanted, and making it possible to keep quality and aesthetics in the production stage.

  • Improve brand perception
  • Attribute memorable aesthetic features
  • Greater consumer response

These are some of the considerations of why it is good to invest in the diversification of aesthetic features, having an experienced team as an option when looking to improve your automobile’s reach in the market, can considerably increase your chances of success.

Considering Urethane Casting for the Design elements


Urethane casting has become popular because it provides high-quality results at a reasonable price. The process involves creating a mold from which the part will be made by pouring liquid urethane into the mold. This allows for the creation of complex geometrical shapes, such as rounded corners, difficult to achieve with other manufacturing processes for:

  • Exterior design
  • Interior design
  • Vehicle styling

Urethane casting is one of the easiest ways to get started, and it allows your design to maintain its smooth edges. In general injection molding systems tend to make designs fit into their molds rather than the reverse – but urethane castings can help with this problem by providing an easier way for you to create products with ARRK in Singapore Low Volume Production solutions.

There is an option to assemble your internal system with a smoother external case using our services, allowing your project to not have to start from scratch.

Benefits of choosing ARRK Asia

We ensure that the product has functionalities that meet the needs of its target market. Providing a device with mechanical characteristics that allow for its intended use, whether strong enough to withstand constant usage or flexible enough to fit into tight spaces.

Our team is capable of handling electrical engineering which encompasses everything from powering mechanical movements. 

Contact us at +60 3 7734 7692 or fill out our form to Get a Quote to see how we can help you meet your production parts needs and the goal time of production.

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