Automotive prototyping plays several important roles throughout the design validation process leading up to production. A prototype is an early version of a product; It serves to help the acceptance from stakeholders or allows you to determine whether a product can be manufactured.

The automotive industry has seen a great deal of growth over the last few years, and this growth has led to new creative ideas. Here in ARRK Asia, we can help your automotive prototyping team continue your product development, assisting with our 3D printing in Asia, Urethane casting in Malaysia, or any other Low Volume Production in Asia solutions available.

Flexibility for your design and responsive team

Prototyping is not limited to a single phase in product design. Instead, automotive prototypes are an integral part of the entire automotive engineering cycle that allows engineers to figure out how they can make new automotive products that will appeal to consumers, persuade stakeholders to invest in a new vehicle, and ensure that vehicles will be safe for end-users.

  • Choose the best type of material for the product
  • Evaluate which types of equipment should be employed to manufacture the part

Your project will acquire the benefits of working with ARRK Asia’s team of experts. We have years of experience being responsible for producing the parts needed by automakers to build cars. In addition, we can check the availability of the raw materials and equipment necessary to manufacture the parts your project needs, including plastics, metals, rubber, glass, and composites.

Advantages of Urethane casting when doing automotive prototyping


Urethane Casting has been around for decades, but it was only recently that the automotive industry began to adopt this process. With new technologies and advancements, the automotive industry is now able to manufacture parts using urethane casting. This allows them to meet their high standards and expectations.

In the automotive industry, it has been shown that using urethane casting can improve productivity by reducing the number of steps required to complete the process. The investment capacity is what makes this process so great.

Also, urethane casting allows for the creation of parts that are safe and strong. This means it is perfect for creating prototypes that look, feel, and function like production models.

ARRK Asia’s expertise helps you stay ahead

With the rapidly changing market demands for various industries, including medical, electronic, robotics, automotive, and aerospace, you can gain a headstart with urethane casting.

ARRK in Asia creates accurate and high-quality cast copies with an immaculate finish from start to finish. Our Low Volume Production solutions can provide your automotive prototyping with the look and best functional outcome for its intended end goal. Contact us at +60 3 7734 7692 or fill out our form to Get a Quote

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