Being familiar with how selective laser sintering shortens lead times can help you get outstanding results. Does SLS easily meet requirements without later steps? Yes! However, the project should be managed by an expert like ARRK Asia.

The expertise and ability of ARRK Asia’s team can make the most of the advantages of Selective Laser Sintering for developing prototypes. Their expertise has already made an impact in multiple industries and companies.

Reduce manufacturing lead times with Selective Laser Sintering

Quicker Design Iteration

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) enables quick turnaround of design changes and improves the speed to market for product development. With SLS 3D Printing, manufacturers can quickly create physical parts, reducing prototyping and design iterations, and shortening lead times.

Reduced Raw Material Waste


As a 3D Printing technique with no physical support structures needed—allowing complete geometries to be printed—SLS can cut down raw material waste and the time necessary to clear up production. This helps customers save money while also reducing their environmental impact.

Easier Manufacturing Process

With increased speed and less waste comes an easier manufacturing process. One that allows companies to produce functional parts faster during the entire process. As a result, overall costs are reduced, and energy efficiency is increased since fewer resources are required for industrial production.

Excluding the machining process can shorten production times

Streamlined Tooling Production

Injection Molding or sheet metal punching require tooling, which adds more costs to the whole process; however, SLS 3D Printing solutions can give our customers optimized delivery time. The advantage is that they don’t need to make multiple components.

Laser Sintering Speeds up Design Process

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) can dramatically reduce lead times by allowing parts to be produced directly from a CAD file without a machining or casting process. This makes it easy to prototype and iterate designs quickly before committing to high-volume productions.

A few more SLS benefits

Improved Budget Planning

Since SLS allows shortening manufacturing lead times, companies can better plan in terms of budget. Helping a smooth administrative flow due to increasing certainty over their manufacturing costs throughout product life cycle stages, such as paperwork filing, production processing, delivery tracking, etc. Also, according to their timelines, they have time to solve issues without fear of exceedance or inflation due to unexpected delays or misjudgment of expected turnaround times with conventional production methods.

Increased Productivity Levels

Diminished lead times from one production stage directly leads to shorter prototyping cycles, often allowing customers to minimize overhead costs. In addition, this allows for a higher volume of continuous productive output, optimizing their return rate efficiently.

Using Selective Laser Sintering to create prototypes with ARRK Asia is like unlocking a new world of possibilities—you’ll wonder why you waited so long to work with us! We specialize in Rapid Prototyping, Low-volume Production, Injection Molding and Tooling in Asia, and our team of experts can assist you in manufacturing a wide array of parts and completed products. Contact us today to update your lead time strategy.

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