Do you know which technologies are used by driverless cars? We know lots of sensors and software had to be developed in order for them to work properly and reach the point where we are now. However, there is an essential aspect of self-driving cars production that keeps the industry spinning, and that’s what makes it possible to take transportation to a whole new level.

At ARRK, we have been working on End-to-end Prototyping in Asia with the Automotive Industry for many years, providing them with state-of-the-art components and parts that become part of something larger: advanced automobiles with the greatest detail, car engines, bodies, and interiors, as well as automated vehicles. Let’s get into it.

Driverless Cars: a Dream That Became a Reality


Driverless cars are autonomous vehicles that don’t require human intervention. They can navigate roads independently and react to traffic signals and other road conditions, and they are already being tested in several countries around the globe. Thanks to 3D Printing, the technologies that are developed for this market have a way to be applied, taking transportation to a whole new level and allowing the components to be produced at lower costs.

Self-driving vehicles use sensors and advanced software to navigate roads, detect obstacles, and control steering and braking. The future looks bright for driverless cars since they are expected to become more common within the next decade. So what is the future of automotive technology?

Due to the potential autonomous vehicles represent, major tech firms are currently developing and testing prototypes to launch into the market and add more options that can ultimately improve and speed up transportation around the world.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

There are six types of vehicle autonomy, level 0 being the lowest and level 5 being the highest. Some of the technologies used for this area of the Automotive Industry include radar, laser rangefinders, cameras, GPS, lasers, sonar, and LIDAR (light detection and ranging). The main goal of using these technologies is to provide safety features such as collision avoidance and obstacle detection.

At ARRK, we are prototyping and manufacturing experts, and our experience in the industry has helped many companies accomplish their goals. For example, implementing our Vacuum and Urethane Casting, Mechanical Design Model, and 3D Printing Service in Asia has been essential in developing car parts.

Software technologies are important, but manufacturing expertise is crucial to apply those technologies. If your company is ready to develop the highest technology for autonomous vehicles, we can make the process easier. We will deliver what you require. Contact us for more information.

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