Calculated urethane casting tolerances can help diminish the iterations needed. But for that, you need a committed team that aims to manufacture high-quality products and have the product work as intended. It is crucial to manufacture each product or part until it’s right or the tolerances measurements are acceptable by safety and performance requirements specifications.

Setting an order with a new manufacturer comes with a set of surprises if you don’t work with a good team. Devices that cannot be used or even processed to be corrected are not suitable. Control corrections according to product safety and performance requirements; proper planning helps avoid big problems. However, if it’s difficult to reach the product needs, and in the part or product is unusable, it wastes time and money, causing setbacks in the lead times.

List of specifications and tolerances important to consider:

  • Geometries
  • Expected shrinkage
  • External finishing
  • Wall thickness
  • Gaps

How urethane casting helps medical device manufacturing


It’s common to use prototyping processes to develop products, and the manufacturing process for medical devices is no exception. Besides all the advantages that provide Low Volume Manufacturing in Asia, which are:

Advantages of Low Volume Manufacturing

  • Creates a bridge between a few prototypes and full-scale production
  • Reduce cost with no minimum order values
  • Provide rapid access to emerging markets
  • Respond quickly to shorter product life cycles
  • Allow for faster design changes
  • Lower financial exposure

In the regulation of medical devices, making quick changes gives the advantage to stay within manageable time production goals, so tolerance measurements shouldn’t affect the outcome of the medical device quality or its functionality.

Meeting your product requirements for certification purposes to gain medical approval

One needs materials with good resistance or response to temperature change and strong materials for places such as instrument grips, gaskets, seals, etc. 

Ensuring the type of materials selected for each part can provide the best outcome for each section of the whole equipment, gaining trust in your brand among the end-user: the doctors and their patient’s life.

A good team since the design stage is crucial to ensure the success of health care products. Any medical device used to diagnose, monitor, or treat a disease or a condition must be under proper manufacturing supervision.

To give your customers the best possible service when using your products, count on our urethane casting capabilities in Thailand to reach your company’s production goals.

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