Manufacturers of home appliances using sheet metal bending in Asia, count on their reliability and quality to form part of their product’s sheet metal parts. Here in ARRK Asia, we have assisted many companies in a variety of industries produce their manufacturing project at any stage of their product development cycle.

Choosing a sheet metal bending manufacturer with knowledge of household appliance requirements

Most home appliances are made up of construction made from very thin sheets and numerous forms that have to withstand years of usage, such as microwaves or ovens. ARRK Asia has the capability of producing household appliances from scratch, giving us the advantage to work with companies from start to finish, and knowing what works best for their production goals.

Manufacturers of household appliances need a production partner with punching and bending machines that can process the sheet parts with flexibility. As household appliances always have numerous visible parts, mark-free processing that is gentle on the surface is essential and has a strong metal base for a prolonged lifespan of the product.

Selecting the right material for the home appliance

We will describe two materials that have a strong presence in the market due to the good results it provides for home appliance products: Aluminum 6061 and SECC material.

  • Aluminum 6061

Alloying involves adding specific metallic elements to a base metal to give them distinct properties such as increased tensile strength, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, toughness, or the desired combination of those traits. Aluminum 6061 is suitable for many general-purpose applications.

  • SECC material

It is a low-cost steel metal grade with improved heat conductivity that is mostly used for the casings of computers and other electronic accessories. Through this process, a coating of zinc is applied to the surface of the steel. Zinc protects the metal from rusting and other problems. Base steel coated with zinc has an increased lifespan.

Examples of ARRK Asia’s capability when manufacturing Household appliances

Sheet Metal bending process for TV panels

The bottom chassis is an optical component loaded up with cells and circuits, and a central frame to connect with system components. Made with aluminum valued for its high strength and ability to tolerate heat. Our team can also include plastic material components of TV: Frame Middle Mold, Middle cover, Rear cover, etc.

Finishing capabilities:
  • Capability to mimic aluminum with vacuum metalizing process
  • Add texture by using sandblast to mimic the production mold
  • Gloss Black
  • Rubdown print
  • Silkscreen
  • Spray Black – Pantone, RAL, NCS 
  • And many more

Helping your production when Sheet metal processing is needed

ARRK Asia has a large capacity to provide quality in their sheet metal press which can produce small quantities of prototyping parts. We also offer a wide range of services including design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, logistics, and assembly.

We are the best choice for your next sheet metal fabrication needs!

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