Medical technology has extended its options by creating urethane casting prototypes before mass production of the desired medical device, which helps companies enhance the quality and effectiveness of their product development in less time, making the work of the doctors or medical personnel easier. 

Cast urethane prototypes in Asia can look and feel like the end result would be, making it easier to obtain a tangible product to present to:

  • Marketing teams
  • Investors
  • in-house manufacturing teams

Besides allowing your team to get the product quicker, the cost improves the ability to make the necessary iterations to the products, having fewer risks of investment once the product is right and ready for an order of low or medium volume production batch.

Collaborating with an experienced manufacturing team is key

Having a team of design engineers, production managers, and excellent craftsmanship gives excellent product development results. Our team handles fields such as the aerospace & defense industry, consumer goods, automobile, and other manufacturing industries.


Creating a good team since the design stage is crucial to ensure the success of health care products. Anything used to diagnose, monitor, or treat a disease or a condition must be under proper manufacturing supervision.

List of specifications and tolerances important to consider:

  • Geometries
  • Expected shrinkage
  • External finishing
  • Wall thickness
  • Consideration of drafts
  • Reveal gap 

Design and build product ideas for better medical devices for your clients 

Design better medical devices using urethane casting advantages in your favor and formulating a manageable production process while working on design specifications. Every detail checked is to fully understand the design intent through communication between your idea and our team managing prototype results. 

Count on:

  • The versatility that urethane casting provides, allowing multiple iterations and keeping within budget.
  • The variety of rigid and flexible material compounds allows parts to be as it needs to be.

Urethane casting capabilities of ARRK’s team

Our urethane casting provides end-use, rigid, or flexible parts with production-level quality in production-like materials. As a result, we deliver high-quality, short-run parts quickly.

Arrk in Singapore offers a wide variety of materials for many specifications. Urethane castings can even be colored or tinted to a wide range of color options matching PMS – Pantone, Federal Standard, RAL, or even provided color samples. In addition, parts can have a smooth finish, high polish, or textured finish.

We have worked in creating medical devices such as:

  • Airway management devices such as laryngeal masks
  • Oscilloscope
  • Among many other medical devices

Creating medical devices that need lighting design is also part of our capabilities.

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