Creating 3D printing products in Thailand has been gaining popularity in the past few years. As the 3D printing technology continues to evolve and lower its costs, the industry optimizes its product development methodology due to being swift approach to presenting a physical model of any custom 3D design.

Besides upgrading the 3D machines, the type of materials available to be used continues to expand. All the advances help integrate a wide range of product development solutions, helping designers, engineers, and manufacturers to develop and evaluate new products quickly, economically, and with less risk.

Why 3D printing products is a solution to present physical models

We work closely with you to understand your product development requirements


Custom 3D printing designs can integrate a backed-up approach in every stage of product development. From making iterations to the design to changing the type of materials used, this helps make your product stronger, not by just the use of a particular material, but by how it is built. 

If you have a team with exceptional engineering skills, cutting-edge technology, and expert guidance, such as the one in ARRK In Thailand, we can provide:

  • More choices: Wide range of resins, sizes, and finishing choices from polishing to spray texture
  • A wide range of applications: Design review, functional prototypes, urethane casting masters, and more
  • High-Speed delivery: A rapid way to obtain a physical model

Three reasons product development can improve with a good team

The strength of your product could only be a certain specification that a good team can work with, for example, other overall improvements can happen because:

  1. An experienced team already has seen many products that have failed before: Their success comes as the knowledge of drawing insights to improve or achieve a great and successful product for not just one company, but many.
  2. The team knows how to leverage the available data: No guesswork comes when communication is clear about the needs of the product, making it easier to set a design plan, actionable iterations, and validate the information for a successful result.
  3. Ready to test and measure the capabilities of 3D printing: Having a shorter response to proper testing procedures and measuring the results can be better done in a facility where the team can be ready to solve any situation.

Enabling you to create, iterate and prototype, faster.

The 3D printing technology has been around for over 30 years but only recently have the costs come down enough that hobbyists, as well as businesses, can use it. Therefore, to ensure a successful product launch is better to count on the expertise of a manufacturing company that can build your company up by looking forward to getting their ideas built into reality.

ARRK Asia’s 3D printing operations are an example of having a good team of designers, technicians, craftsmanship, and sales representatives that know their craft, people who have experience and up-to-date knowledge.

Get in contact with us today to see how we can help your team keep projects on schedule.

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