Avoiding design changes while in the manufacturing phase of your cosmetic device product can unnecessarily stop your project. Instead, keeping your original aesthetic design for your cosmetic device product is possible when a better fit between design sketching theory and practice can complement an expert production team that finds solutions and openly discusses budget and engineering functions.

Suppose a particular manufacturing process is the one keeping you from getting the look and feel you want. In that case, your product needs to have a team of experienced people in the manufacturing of both medical and cosmetic devices and check if Low-Volume production could solve your problem.

How could Low-Volume production help improve your cosmetic or medical aesthetic device?

Here in ARRK Asia, we have seen development with low volume production as the answer for a product not take years to reach its original design idea. With our work in the manufacturing industry of different products in several sectors, we provide solutions to work towards your project’s design goals in any of the stages:

Sketch design
Icon design
Reverse Engineering
Styling design
Show model

Build the cosmetic product that puts your brand in high regards


Determining if your target audience will need a device only for cosmetic procedures or medical services must also be part of the solutions ARRK in Thailand can handle.

We understand that aesthetic procedures are less harsh on the person undergoing the cosmetic procedure. However, the device needs to ensure device registration, and provide a guidance document that includes records and good manufacturing practices when special labeling requirements, patient registries, and performance standards are required.

We are the perfect team to get the production of your cosmetic or medical device on the right track.

Reasons to work with ARRK Asia’s team

The advancement in devices within the aesthetic devices market must continue to implement a quality management production system and follow standards to ensure a quality product to add to the list of aesthetic technology and the long-term care of all the users and patients.

Reason #1: The experience of manufacturing aesthetic products for your target end-user helps to give better insights into the end-to-end process you need.

Reason #2: This also includes our capabilities in engineering the electric system and laser technologies.

Reason #3: Our team can provide all the details your company needs when your product goes under inspection to meet regulation specifications.

ARRK Asia creates accurate and high-quality cast copies with an immaculate finish from start to finish. Our Low Volume Production in Thailand solutions can provide your aesthetic cosmetic device with the look and best functional outcome for its intended usage. Contact us at +60 3 7734 7692 or fill out our form to get a Quote

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