Across the history of robots, there has been a sense of communication between machine and the environment in which it resides. Robot communication is still a place of research that many want to develop, especially if good results have been seen in the collaboration between robots and humans.

Collaboration between humans and robots already exists, but the robots’ communication has a long way to go to be able to analyze and predict the humans’ needs to support them in their tasks better.

From studying verbal and non-verbal interactive communication between robots and humans to detecting the needs of the received data to get the best function for the robot to respond to, the research field is immense and exciting. Here in ARRK in Singapore, we want to discuss the importance of working with manufacturers with basting experience in product development.

Reliable & Knowledgeable craftmanship


ARRK Asia has created ideas into reality by taking the original idea and formulating an end-to-end service. Not all manufacturing industries can have a complete manufacturing process detailed and backed by excellent engineers, craftsmanship, and product designers.

These advantages need to be used when any company is venturing into a new path, such as continuing research in interactive communication with intelligent robots and systems.

Companies need to be up-to-date with manufacturing processes, and ARRK Asia’s team capabilities can help you decide the best path for your product manufacturing. Every service package comes with an optimized strategy for the type of industry your company has been established in.

These are the industries where we have worked in:

Aerospace & Defense
Consumer products

From start-up companies to big companies, no one can plan everything on their own

Relying on different manufacturing partners and suppliers can facilitate solutions to some of the company’s activities, but it can also get tricky to manage other lead times simultaneously.

Involvement in the project any customer brings to ARRK Asia is certain. Our team of experts will lead the way to clear up any situation, challenge or guide you towards a better alternative when developing the hardware case, achieve electrical systems, and even adapt laser technology if needed.

Knowing what any company needs in their communication robot in the industries we have experience in, we are a reliable and responsible team capable of delivering what has been promised.

If you want to call us for personalized attention, contact us at +60 3 7734 7692 or fill out our form to Get a Quote, we will be in contact with you to handle your questions on how we can assist your project.

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