Flame-resistant plastics are widely used in the medical sector. They are often required for patient care equipment such as IV poles, infusion pumps, and other medical devices. Making it an important subject to know the important use of flame retardant material for medical devices, besides biocompatibility.

While biocompatibility is important for most medical devices, fire resistance is equally vital. Medical devices that fail due to fire risk harm patients, potentially causing serious injury. There are several ways to improve the safety of medical devices. One way is to develop flame-resistant plastic parts

Meeting crucial specifications for safety

Biocompatible materials are critical components in medical devices. These materials should be non-toxic, non-allergic, and non-irritating. Because they are exposed to various chemicals, these materials must also be able to withstand high temperatures without degrading or corroding.

Benefits of using flame retardant material 

  • Fireproof thermoplastics can increase safety by delaying ignition and spreading flames
  • Part design and wall thickness are important factors in fire resistance and will be considered when using flame retardant material
  • Engineers can formulate the right thermoplastics for your application and safety regulations

Innovation in the medical industry converging with other industries


With the use of different materials to enhance your medical device, converging different industries has created new ventures, such as the case of utilizing robots in the medical field. This innovation helps in both patient care and monitoring. They can be used to assist doctors during long surgeries or to monitor patients after surgery. Medical robots can also be used to give company to patients while recovering from surgery.

Communicating all the needs with your medical product manufacturer can reach agreements with the expectation of your prototype count with flame retardancy, to properly see ways of doing iterations according to your customer reviews, market testing results, and investor presentations summarized detail changes.

Handling Production of Flame Resistant Plastic Parts

By staying in touch with the manufactured team properly to see ways of doing iterations according to your surveys, market testing results, and summarized detailed changes expectations of the prototype. Flammability is most important when electronic components must pass flammability testing.

The ARRK in Asia team has extensive experience in developing plastics for medical applications, and for different industries such as robotics, aerospace, and defense. Ensuring mechanical properties, high-quality product design, and quality plastic material.

Whether you are looking to enhance your single unit medical device into a multiplatform device or looking into making your medical unit into a portable one, we are a capable team of making your idea a reality.

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