The instrument panel is one of two major interior parts of a car. It’s important for several reasons, including its functionality, usability, safety, appearance, and role within the interior design concept and style.

You may want to focus on designing an interior for your concept car that expresses its personality and has unique features. Every object has an expression, even if we don’t notice them at first glance. For example, there may be no indication that something is wrong until you see the dashboard light up red when driving down the road.

Features to consider in the concept design

The front cockpit perimeter of the instrument cluster includes:

Gloves boxes
Meter clusters and meter hoods
Car navigation systems
Audio equipment
Passenger seats

A control panel needs a high degree of readability, which can be improved by careful categorization and arrangements. Therefore, concerning the ease of reading words and numbers, assuming that the individual characters are legible is crucial. 

The expression and readability must provide user control and a functional way to monitor the vehicle’s operation while the instrument cluster maintains safety measures and functionality. Your team might be stuck deciding to do a different concept design for a central control panel or if to do it for the instrumental board, but the implications can hold a big challenge.

Whether to design a new instrumental panel or center control panel

A console is a central control panel that contains all the information and controls needed to operate the vehicle. It usually includes the steering wheel, gearshift, fuel gauge, and speedometer.

The instrument panel concept strengths lie in electronics and electrical equipment, which can have important future implications in the market and popularization of autonomous driving technology, with instrument panels as part of the cockpit systems that incorporate displays of the electronic system and IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment).

Automotive Lighting
Electronic Systems
Suspension Systems
Exhaust Systems
Plastic Components & Modules

Considering the functionality of interior finishes


Many people think they know what they want from their interior, but it’s not always easy to translate those ideas into reality. So if you have the data or the idea to test out for your customers, it might be time to get in contact with ARRK in Thailand.

Considering all the features can better be handled by experts in manufacturing products in different industries, our team in ARRK ASIA  can help give the glove box, the driver display, the head-up display, or any other feature, even handling an international automotive components group instrument.

The design of a product can reduce its anonymity, visualize competence, and inspire confidence by expressing the company’s identity. Contact us today to learn more.

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