Urethane casting is used for many different applications and industries, including medical, aerospace, and defense industries, not just for manufacturing consumer products such as toys, furniture, and home appliances. Urethane cast in Singapore parts provide a more significant control where safety regulations and specifications must be attained.

The automotive industry has several manufacturing procedures already included in its manufacturing process. This happens because it requires different materials and specifications to create car parts for the safety and functionality of every car. 

There could be an option just to have a non-working prototype. Still, in this case, we would dig deeper into the benefits of using urethane casting to meet expectations on the automotive industry’s needs, including functional prototyping or for the final product.

Benefits of using urethane casting in the automotive industry


Creating various car parts with urethane casting requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Still, it shows up to meet expectations in the prototyping phase or final product manufacturing results. When mixing up manufacturing procedures, such as the case with urethane casting, the automotive industry can keep up with the innovation necessities.

Here are the three most important benefits that urethane cast parts provide to every car part:

  1. Resistant to wear-and-tear
  2. Resilience to weather elements
  3. Impact resistance

What to expect when working with urethane casting

In several manufacturing industries, the urethane casting process is known to create a mold quickly, providing an excellent low cost and quick turnaround for high-value plastic parts. Therefore, making it the perfect solution when speed to market is critical.

Besides providing high-quality components, the versatility of urethane casting allows a wide range of specifications not always available in other manufacturing processes, such as a variety on the rigidity of the produced part.

While a silicone mold wears out quickly, it is vastly more cost-effective for very low volume and prototype plastic parts with production-level quality and surface finishes. 

When is urethane casting the preferred method for your production?

It all comes down to the need of your project, there are different low-volume production solutions, but for your part to have high-quality standards in the production run volumes, an experienced team such as the one found in ARRK in Thailand is what you need.

We count on an outstanding experienced team with the knowledge and expertise in the trade and give the best advice to make your dream a reality, making everything possible to keep your design as it is and match your expectations and production needs. 

Contact us at +60 3 7734 7692 or fill out our form to Get a Quote to see how we can help you meet your production parts needs and the goal time of production.

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