Using cast urethane prototypes to ensure the produced device complies with your medical requirements helps meet the essential certifications for the country and international protocols, which are not negotiable. Between meeting production lead times and needs, here are some benefits of developing functional prototypes with urethane casting:

  • Effectively manufacture without malfunction
  • Meet required lead times
  • Opportunity to respond rapidly to market needs

Also, cast urethane prototypes can look and feel like the end result would look like, making it easier to obtain a tangible product to present to the marketing teams, investors, and in-house manufacturing teams.

Three important things to consider when choosing the proper urethane casting manufacturer


In general, medical prototype manufacturers should provide guaranteed work, and assist in covering certifications for the intended public. That is why: Manufacturers, Materials, and Design are the three most important things to consider. Here are our reasons for each one:

  • Urethane casting manufacturer

Thanks to selecting the right manufacturing team that communicates with your design team, the engineering, and the manufacturing workers, everyone must have a good idea of the intention of everything in the project, helping going forward with the part or product meet expectations.

During prototyping, engineers and designers may realize a better or more efficient way of doing things, helping the product reach lower costs and improve usability tests. And, that is why having the correct manufacturer is a crucial point to consider when choosing the right medical device manufacturer.

  • Materials

Utilizing the suitable materials for the end of your medical device starts with being adequately sterilized. Then, making sure the plan counts the need of having it be biocompatible, suitable for sterilization, able to stand up to harsh chemicals, and in environments in which it won’t get weak or lower its quality.

Prototyping with the material that the product needs to be is crucial.

  • Design

Having an experienced design team that covers a broad range of products, components, and industries, allows them to be ready for iterations. Besides, the knowledge they need to make the product safe, resistant to electric shock, flexible enough, rigid enough, or function according to its end usage. 

ARRK’s capability for creating urethane casting prototypes

Our team can create functional cast urethane prototypes for the medical device industry, focused on enhancing any iteration asked for your medical device development. 

Launching your products to market becomes a more manageable path with ARRK in Malaysia’s outstanding quality, long history of good engineering, and an experienced team to serve the needs of our customers. 

To give your customers the best possible service when using your products, count on our urethane casting capabilities in Malaysia to reach your company’s production goals.

Contact us today by calling us in at Malaysia +60 3-7734 7692 or in Singapore +65 6251 2512. Or get an estimate today by submitting your Quote.

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